Laser Hair Removal in Calgary

7 Things to Do Before a Laser Hair Removal Session

Let’s face it, shaving, waxing and plucking don’t rank high on anybody’s list of favorite pastimes. In fact, they’re a downright nuisance that can leave your skin red, nicked and irritated. Luckily there’s an alternative—laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal in Calgary is a safe and permanent hair reduction process that can rid you of unwanted hair on almost any part of your body. The treatment employs a cosmetic laser that is fired directly at the melanin in hair follicles, killing the hair at the root.

Considering laser hair removal in Calgary? Here are some things to take into account before your first treatment:

  1. Avoid the sun for at least four weeks! And that includes tanning beds. Your skin should not be sunburned or even tanned before you start the treatment to reduce the likelihood of irritation and blistering.
  2. Shave the day before your treatment to stimulate the follicle. This increases the effectiveness of the laser. But don’t wax or pluck for at least six weeks before treatments. This removes the follicle and it has to be there for the treatment to be effective.
  3. Get a patch test. Not everybody’s skin or hair type is suitable for laser hair removal. The patch test will allow your doctor to judge if you’re a suitable candidate for laser hair removal in Calgary.
  4. Avoid caffeine for 24 hours. You don’t want to be a bundle of nerves during your treatment. Opt for a soothing, decaffeinated tea instead.
  5. Let your doctor know if you’re taking medication. Some drugs cause photosensitivity, which could lead to burns during the treatment.
  6. Clean, dry skin is a must. Wash your skin with a gentle cleanser before treatment. Remove all makeup and avoid moisturizing.
  7. Be prepared to commit to multiple sessions. Depending on the type of hair being removed and where it’s located, you’ll need anywhere from four to ten sessions to achieve the desired result. Normally, treatments take place every four to six weeks, so it’s a good idea to start them in autumn, when your skin is less likely to be exposed to the sun. If you plan on heading south in winter, take that into consideration as well.

For Calgary hair removal, consider Calgary Vein and Laser. Drs. Young and Wouters have been serving the Calgary area for over 20 years. Contact us with all your questions regarding laser hair removal in Calgary or to schedule an appointment. Our friendly staff will be happy to help in any way they can.

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