Juvéderm® Skin-Rejuvenation Treatments in Calgary

Top 4 Benefits of Juvéderm® Skin-Rejuvenation Treatments

To age gracefully is a beautiful thing. But as the years go by, an accumulation of factors like sun exposure, pollution, stress, a less-than-ideal lifestyle and smoking can make us feel and look a bit less “graceful” than we would prefer.

What is Juvéderm®?

Juvéderm® is a natural, non-surgical skin-rejuvenation treatment that helps reduce visible signs of aging. By naturally adding volume, it refreshes your skin and smooths away undesired lines and wrinkles—all for far less than you might spend on invasive plastic surgery. Juvéderm® is a popular skin care treatment in Calgary, helping thousands of people refresh the vitality of their looks. 

How Juvéderm® Works
Skin rejuvenation in Calgary starts with Juvéderm®. Its active ingredient is hyaluronic acid, a sugar found naturally in your body. It’s injected in the target location where it combines with the water in your skin to gently restore fullness.

What Juvéderm® Does
Juvéderm® helps fill eyebrows, eye hollows, cheeks and the jawline. It’s used to smooth away wrinkles, smile lines, crow’s feet and brow lines. It’s also used to soften scars, reduce signs of aging in hands and correct acne scars.

What Are the Benefits of Juvéderm® as a Skin Rejuvenation Treatment in Calgary?
In comparison to other treatments, Juvéderm® has many advantages. These are the top four.

  1. Non-surgical. Because Juvéderm® treatments in Calgary are short and non-invasive, most patients experience no downtime. Imagine leaving your office for a treatment and being able to go back to work in less than an hour. It’s possible with Juvéderm®.
  2. Safe and non-allergenic. Because Juvéderm®’s active ingredient, hyaluronic acid, occurs naturally in the human body, it produces no allergic reaction. It has been tested on all skin types with no negative outcomes.
  3. Affordable.  Juvéderm® costs much less than plastic surgery and can last a year or more.
  4. Reversible. Not happy with the way Juvéderm® looks on you? No worries, Juvéderm® is easily and fully reversible.

Trust Calgary Vein and Laser for all your Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

At Calgary Vein and Laser we’re proud to offer Juvéderm® to our patients. After all, Juvéderm® is the number one doctor-recommended facial filler in Canada and around the world. Our clinic has served Calgary and area for over 20 years, making us one of the most trusted providers of cosmetic treatments. Have questions regarding Juvéderm® in Calgary? Contact us at Calgary Vein and Laser. Our staff will be happy to answer all your questions regarding skin rejuvenation.
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