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Information & Treatment Options for Acne & Warts


A common skin condition that often begins in adolescence, acne can impact people well into adulthood and is caused when the pores in your skin are clogged with naturally occurring oil called sebum. The severity of acne, which can stay below the skin or protrude through the skin’s surface, is often characterized as mild, moderate or severe. For those with severe conditions, deep lesions may develop which are often inflamed and painful. When not treated, they can result in scarring.

What Can Influence Acne?

There are many factors that can worsen the severity of acne, including:

  • Oils from moisturizers and cosmetics or workplace environments such as restaurants
  • The change in hormone levels that occurs during pregnancy, through the use of birth control pills and prior to the start of a menstrual period
  • Repeatedly picking or squeezing blemishes
  • Tight-fitting clothing, sports helmets, hats, backpacks
  • Excessive humidity and pollution

Treatment Options

From topical creams and oral medications to skin resurfacing and photorejuvenation, there is a wide range of treatment options for acne and the related scarring that can develop. In all cases, the treatment needs to be given enough time to work. To maintain success following treatment, it’s recommended to be gentle when cleaning your skin, avoid picking at blemishes and carefully choose your cosmetics.


These skin-coloured growths are caused by a viral infection that occurs in the top layer of your skin. A common condition, they are mostly painless unless found on the soles of your feet (plantar warts). Many patients will find common warts on their hands while others are seen on the face or legs (flat warts). Not all people exposed to the virus will develop warts thanks to your body’s immune system. In some cases, they may disappear without treatment. Warts are seen as small bumps of thick skin that may have a slightly different colour from the surrounding skin.

Available Treatments

  • Freezing (cryotherapy)
  • Prescription and over-the-counter medications
  • Occlusion therapy – covering the wart with tape
  • Burning with an electrical current and/or cutting off the wart (electrosurgery and curettage)
  • Laser surgery

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