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PRP Hair Rejuvenation in Calgary

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy has long been used in a range of applications, from orthopedic medicine to reconstructive surgery. Did you know that PRP can now be used for hair restoration? If you suffer from hair loss and want to learn more about your options, schedule a consultation with Calgary Vein & Laser. From laser hair treatments to PRP, we can make a recommendation that addresses your unique concerns and goals. This non-surgical, affordable solution is administered through a simple injection that utilizes your body’s own platelets.

Why is PRP Used for Hair Rejuvenation?

Your platelets contain healing growth factors that trigger your body’s tissue to regenerate and multiply, which is why PRP is used in many different areas of medicine. Doctors have now discovered the benefits when it comes to the thickening and regrowth of hair. PRP is known to do the following:

  • Increase thickness (shaft size) of hair
  • Increase blood supply to follicle
  • Trigger and help maintain growth
  • Control the hair growth cycle and decrease hair loss

What to Expect

Since PRP is derived from your own body, a simple blood draw is performed. It typically takes about 10-15 minutes for the PRP to be prepared and readied for injection. The actual injection into the vascular layer of your scalp takes much less time, usually just a couple minutes. You can expect some sensitivity in the area of treatment but there is no downtime or long recovery. The number of treatments needed will vary per your unique case but it’s common to have several treatments spaced about 1 month apart. Future maintenance treatments may be recommended.

Is PRP a Cure for Baldness?

The quick answer is no, but there is evidence that regular treatments may slow down the effects of baldness (androgenic alopecia) and even work to increase your hair density.

If you are wondering if PRP hair rejuvenation in Calgary is right for you, contact us for an appointment. We understand you have questions and we are pleased to provide the information and guidance you need.

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